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El alemán es una lengua fácil de traducir al danés dado que pertenecen a la misma rama lingüística. Sin embargo, traducir el alemán puede ser complejo y debes esforzarte para conseguir una traducción óptima en alemán-danés.

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Si haces clic en una de las letras del abecedario de abajo, podrás visualizar todas las palabras y expresiones que se han añadido al diccionario alemán-danés. Las palabras alemanas están ordenadas alfabéticamente para permitirte encontrar la ortografía correcta de una traducción en alemán en el diccionario alemán-danés.

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The most recent suggestions from users for German words that were added to the German-Danish dictionary are all listed there. You can participate in improving the German translations by validating the German words already added to the German-Danish dictionary. Simply click on the approval icon to confirm the suggested German term or correct it if you think it should be corrected.






oversættelsesfejl {en}

Übersetzungsfehler {m}



heksehyl {et}

Luftheuler {m}



rugbrød {et}

Schwarzbrot {n}



skoleblok {en}

Collegeblock {m}






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A German word does not have a translation in the German-Danish dictionary? You can help us build a better German dictionary by adding your own entries and translations. If you know regional German expressions or idioms that can be helpful to other users, please feel free to add them using the suggestion fields below.


Sugerencias recientes de los usuarios: ungepflegt, schmutzig, untergewichtig, alte Liebe rostet nicht (más)

¿Por qué participar?

Thank you for your contribution to the German-Danish dictionary! Our goal is to build the biggest free German-Danish dictionary there is and anyone can help! Many people wonder how you say in German a specific word or another and the more words we gather in the German-Danish dictionary, the more likely the dictionary will meet the German linguistic needs of the users. German, as much as Danish, is a language that evolves and new German words are coined every day. That is why we need more German translations to keep up with the volume of new words. The more translations, the better. Of course, new German suggestions need approval before being permanently added to the German-Danish dictionary. As long as a German word does not receive at least ten votes from other German-speaking users, it will be marked as unverified.
All you need to do is register to start to participate actively in the completion of the bab.la German-Danish dictionary. This is how you collect points for the world ranking, which are awarded when you suggest or correct a German translation in the German-Danish dictionary. If you have any doubts about a translation or the grammatical information for a German term, you can ask for help from the bab.la language community. Simply go to the German-Danish forum to ask your linguistic, grammar or translation questions related to German. You can also support the other users with your own knowledge of the German language. The bab.la dictionary is the ideal tool for German-Danish translation!

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