what does ching chong lee wong pang mean? Is this chiense and if so can you tell me what that means

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preguntado por Troy Sugden Feb 28, 2012 en Inglés

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sei la
respondido por Mar 3, 2012
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It might be Chinese, but it is not in Mandarin.
It's more like Wade-Giles, which widely used in Hong Kong & South mainland of China.
I dont know what you provide is a sentence or some single word. If it's singular word, it quite possibly be Chinese family names. If it's not, I dont know either...
You can find information about Chinese family name in Wade-Giles and in Mandarin in wiki here:中文姓氏羅馬字標注
Hope this would help~
respondido por Xikui Wang Mar 4, 2012