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Top 25 Blogs de Aprendizaje de Idiomas 2013

Aquí tienes los Top 25 Amantes de los Idiomas 2013 en la categoría "Aprendizaje de Idiomas". Esta categoría agrupa blogs sobre el proceso de aprendizaje de idiomas, la enseñanza de idiomas y las dificultades que se presentan durante el aprendizaje de un idioma. ¡Felicidades a los ganadores! (puedes ver los ganadores del 2012 aquí)

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1.Talk To Me In Korean
Learn Korean with free lessons, make friends around the world, and ask questions about Korean and Korea.
2.Fluent in 3 months
Language learning tips from Benny the Irish polyglot, who speaks 7 languages, and his story as he travels the world to learn new ones!
3.Quero Aprender Alemão
If you are Brazilian, Portuguese or learn German through English, you will find this blog useful with its different answers to the questions and difficulties typical of Portuguese students.
4.The Everyday Language Learner
An amazing resource: blog, coaching, resources and more. Aaron puts out calls to others about their success stories, gathering a community of language learners around him.
5.Angela Maiers
Angela has developed special techniques for learners and founded her own company. Putting Learners and Learning First.
6.Blog o Francji
A detailed blog with tips, resources and materials about France, the French and the French language.
7.Blog de Español
This is a good resource and blog to practice Spanish and download material with excercises and more to improve your Spanish skills.
8.The Polyglot Dream
Taking a unique approach to languages, Luca says they cannot be taught, only learned. Through his blog, he shares the language passion necessary for this learning to be possible.
9.Hacking Chinese
This website is dedicated to unveiling the mysteries of learning a language in general and about learning Chinese in particular.
10.Tae Kim's Blog
Tae writes his thoughts on learning Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. The focus will be on useful information for those learning Japanese while posts about Chinese and Korean will be more from a learner’s point.

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