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[challengeant|challengé] {verbo}

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French- challenge for development cooperation », tenu à Uppsala (Suède) en septembre 2004.
— challenges for development cooperation”, held in Uppsala, Sweden, in September 2004.
FrenchProceedings of 5th EC Conference Cultural Heritage Research: a Pan-European Challenge.
Proceedings of 5th EC Conference Cultural Heritage Research: a Pan-European Challange.
FrenchBanque mondiale (2004), The Millennium Development Goals for Health: Rising to the Challenge.
Where national primary data are not available, UNESCO relies on national and international estimates.
FrenchLes États-Unis ont alloué plus de 2 milliards de dollars pour l'aide à nos partenaires au titre du Millennium Challenge.
The United States has committed over $2 billion to our Compact partners.
FrenchThe Challenge of Maintaining Long-Term External Sustainability, Washington, DC, 20 avril.
FrenchTaxing excessive currency speculation to prevent social crisis and finance global challenge: a proposal for discussion.
Taxing excessive currency speculation to prevent social crisis and finance global challenges: a proposal for discussion.
French11.132 Welsh Capital Challenge 130
11.69 Housing assistance for the homeless 130
FrenchThe Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, A Challenge to Impunity, Adelshot, etc., 2001, p. 271 à 280 Xu Guangjian (Chine) [Original : anglais]
Head of Chinese delegation to the following meetings:
French« The Criminal Justice Systems facing the Challenge of Organised Crime », Rapport national des Pays-Bas (avec Den Boer, M., Sjöcrona, J. 
Member of the National Electoral Commission for the June 1993 presidential and legislative elections.
FrenchAn important overall conclusion of the Committee is that "The challenge of climate change offers a unique convergence of economic and environmental goals.
Une des grandes conclusions générales du Comité porte que le changement climatique offre une convergence remarquable des objectifs économiques et environnementaux.
FrenchFonds international de développement agricole, Rural Poverty Report 2001 - The Challenge of Ending Rural Poverty, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2001.
4 International Fund for Agricultural Development, Rural Poverty Report 2001 — The Challenges of Ending Rural Poverty (Oxford, United Kingdom, Oxford University Press, 2001).