Qué significa "absolutely gorgeous" en español


"absolutely gorgeous" en español

absolutely gorgeous
  • absolutamente hermosa
  • absolutamente magnífico

Ejemplos de uso para "absolutely gorgeous" en inglés

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I'm not really objective, but the city is absolutely gorgeous.
Of course, while an appendage covered in crystals or feathers is absolutely gorgeous, it's not practical for everyone.
The paper itself is absolutely gorgeous, full of color photos of this most charismatic of minifauna.
The ship is absolutely gorgeous, with elegant, rich furnishings and interesting decor and artwork.
Everything from the game's vehicles, to its tracks and even its spectators, are absolutely gorgeous.
The phones are absolutely gorgeous, but they're made better by their strong overall performances and rich features.
Firstly, the place looks absolutely gorgeous, and there's a pleasant focus on things that aren't too dark and violent.
It also looks absolutely gorgeous, with a retro multi-layered design that just makes us want one for the office right now.
All throughly cleaned, show prepped, and absolutely gorgeous.
It has the potential to make all the women absolutely gorgeous.

Traducciones similares para absolutely gorgeous en español

absolutely adverbio
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