Qué significa "academic grades" en español


"academic grades" en español

academic grades
  • calificaciones académicas
  • grados académicos

Ejemplos de uso para "academic grades" en inglés

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Admission will not be based solely on academic grades.
I am encouraged by the fact that we are trying to reduce the emphasis on academic grades.
Their assessment will not be based solely on academic grades.
The final score correlates roughly with academic grades.
This obsession with academic grades, exams and continual assessments is a reality in our schools.
There is growing evidence that character traits such as resilience, persistence, optimism and courage actively contribute to improved academic grades.
This will enable students to virtually, attend the courses taught, access high quality reading resources; participate in discussion forums; take tests and earn academic grades.
But, despite his excellent academic grades, he was also branded a rebel of sorts.
Students need to have sound academic grades, and be a leader in the community of their school or town.
They get academic grades, but also leadership grades that measure their character.

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