Qué significa "acoustic guitar" en español


"acoustic guitar" en español

acoustic guitar
  • guitarra acústica

Ejemplos de uso para "acoustic guitar" en inglés

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He used loop pedals, drums and an acoustic guitar to build an epic crescendo all by himself.
After all, your acoustic guitar or baby grand doesn't house your personal data.
His vocal talents and mastery of the acoustic guitar are unequaled.
The guitarist figures that his quest to plumb the mysteries of the nylon-string acoustic guitar is a never-ending one.
There was also live acoustic guitar music -- adding to a warm vibe.
I'm busy working on a second album which is going to be recorded live and it's just me on an acoustic guitar.
But still, a good song is a good song if you play it on an acoustic guitar or a piano.
The guy with the acoustic guitar around a bonfire isn't attracting a lot of attention from the girls, because frankly, there are very few bonfires.
He kind of jumped around and played acoustic guitar.
A man cycles along the sidewalk, the neck of an acoustic guitar poking up from his backpack.

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