Qué significa "acting gig" en español


"acting gig" en español

acting gig
  • actuación
  • concierto de actuación

Ejemplos de uso para "acting gig" en inglés

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I learned quickly, because this was my first acting gig.
I was a little nervous because it was my first acting gig, but it was such a great experience.
Kesha was also spotted on the set for an acting gig that same day.
This seems to be his biggest acting gig so far.
There's no mention of payment for this interesting acting gig, but the gentleman who is successfully hired will be provided with accommodations and meals.
She said getting into a paid voice acting gig was tough - and a lot of it depended on the people you knew.
It's her most mainstream acting gig to date, though not unfamiliar territory.

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