Qué significa "additional guidance" en español


"additional guidance" en español

additional guidance
  • orientación adicional

Ejemplos de uso para "additional guidance" en inglés

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Get back to us if you need additional guidance.
Please get back on if you need additional guidance.
They also asked for additional guidance on situations where annuitants died before final payment, or outlived the annuity.
There are many teachers who are willing to sacrifice their own time to remain in school to provide additional guidance to weaker students.
Additional guidance and clarification appears to be required on this point.
The school has also called in two additional guidance counselors and a psychologist who have all been trained in grief management.
The department also said that it was using data to identify districts that needed additional guidance and training in positive behavioral interventions.
He would also like to see custodians provide additional guidance with these questions, especially if many of the custodian's clients are asking the same questions.

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