Qué significa "ailing grandmother" en español


"ailing grandmother" en español

ailing grandmother
  • abuela enferma
  • abuela que está en peligro

Ejemplos de uso para "ailing grandmother" en inglés

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He had travelled to the country to visit his ailing grandmother.
However, with an ailing grandmother he is decidedly pro-health-care.
A young girl sets out through a path in the woods to visit her ailing grandmother.
I transport other people, my ailing grandmother.
Growing up, she lived with her mom, an aunt and an ailing grandmother.
Even the kids' back stories - from estranged parents to ailing grandmother - fail to evoke any emotion.
They have an ailing grandmother staying with them.
But there's a degree of sadness, too, from his reflections of his late father and when his ailing grandmother comes to live with them.
He had been living with his ailing grandmother together with his three sisters.

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