Qué significa "almost giddy" en español


"almost giddy" en español

almost giddy
  • casi mareado

Ejemplos de uso para "almost giddy" en inglés

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In spite of its reputation for controversy and past threats of violence, the festival's atmosphere is overwhelmingly upbeat, almost giddy.
Lawyers on both sides are writing friendly - almost giddy - emails to one another.
My task was to puncture these (almost giddy) projections of a whole continent's imminent -- or inevitable -- collapse.
Really, what's amazing about these "flash rob" videos is just how happy -- almost giddy -- the kids seem while they strip the store.
When you finish every night you feel light, almost giddy.
Gardeners were almost giddy with excitement over the warm days and the early season.
But its instruments will be turned back on in two days, and the scientists are almost giddy with anticipation.

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