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"already grown" en español

already grown
  • ya crecido

Ejemplos de uso para "already grown" en inglés

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It has already grown to become the worst outbreak in decades.
The population has already grown by about 3,000 people from 2001 to 2011, city data shows.
The risk of failure can be high compared to companies which have already grown larger.
Some of your old friends have already grown icky masses of tentacles and a downright frightening number of eyeballs!
I just hope that there can be a spark to the season soon because enough decent folk have already grown tired of things.
But she had already grown too weak to go on living, breathing her last as things started to get back to normal.
As a result, the credit bubble, which had already grown quite large, became very much larger.
Their father, a business school professor turned entrepreneur, had by then already grown rich from an accounting software venture.

Ejemplos de uso para "already grown" en español

Englishyour daughters have already grown up into real young ladies
EnglishAfter all, innovation in areas that have already grown prosperous is paying dividends even now and taking place without European funding.
La innovación en las regiones donde las cosas ya van bien, ya es rentable y ya se hace sin la ayuda europea.

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