Qué significa "firm guidance" en español


"firm guidance" en español

firm guidance
  • orientación firme

Ejemplos de uso para "firm guidance" en inglés

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Patients could expect warm greetings, firm guidance, excellent treatment, and, almost certainly, a stream of jokes when sitting in the dental chair.
Amminger agreed that his latest findings need to be replicated in larger groups opf people before any firm guidance can be given.
But he has not offered any firm guidance on what his funds have been selling.
For now, the company is putting off the closure until it gets firm guidance from the government on its royalty plans.
These two very young, supremely talented men need to be given very firm guidance.
Neither customer nor contractor has offered firm guidance of the quantum of savings targeted in this new arrangement.
There is no firm guidance from above, no public pronouncement on what tactics could and should be deployed.
They did give the market some firm guidance quickly thanks to the reinsurance market.
We would rather do it through firm guidance, explaining to gardeners they should not be planting weeds.

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