Qué significa "fitness goal" en español


"fitness goal" en español

fitness goal
  • meta de fitness
  • objetivo de fitness

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As you get closer the blinking lights change color and encourage you forward, goading you into doing even more to accomplish your fitness goal.
Ask your trainer to suggest the appropriate weights according to your fitness goal.
By just tracking your steps, you don't have to set aside a chunk of time to reach your fitness goal.
A lot of people use this event as a fitness goal.
Sure, there's a fine line between taking yourself outside your comfort zone to achieve a fitness goal, and setting an unrealistic resolution.
When it comes to a fitness goal, the mindset is slightly different.
She says cayenne pepper, taken with proper diet and exercise, is a big help in attaining one's overall health and fitness goal.
We truly believe that we are in the business of helping people achieving their health and fitness goal.
Still, some employees can feel unduly pressured to join, or to reach a particular fitness goal, she says.
He said it is important that the workout match the fitness goal.

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