Qué significa "flecks of gold" en español


"flecks of gold" en español

flecks of gold
  • manchas de oro

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Flecks of gold have a greater density than almost all the other particles and, thus, can be concentrated through natural water movement.
The suspended flecks of gold -- don't worry, it's edible -- accentuate the wine's bubbles, "creating a magical movement of great beauty," according to the description on lussorygold.com.
So, although previously stating that all sources have to be regarded as suspect, by sharing out the work effectively, those flecks of gold dust can be found more effectively.
Made with bomba rice (traditionally used for paella), it was covered with miso jelly and flecks of gold leaf, with little shreds of nori and a balancing acidity within.
Finally, the flecks of gold paint in the frame twinkle when caught in the right light.
Locals were known to tip bartenders with flecks of gold.
It is like finding flecks of gold in a handful of sand.
Close examination of the picture surface reveals flecks of gold paint raised slightly above the layer of crimson used to represent the fabric of her gown.

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