Qué significa "fleeting glance" en español


"fleeting glance" en español

fleeting glance
  • mirada fugaz

Ejemplos de uso para "fleeting glance" en inglés

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After taking a fleeting glance at the permit, one of the officers told him he was under arrest because he was not supposed to trade beyond 2am.
He may take a fleeting glance at the action on the television but that will be about as close as he gets.
The policemen remained focused on the dealer's fulminations -- flashing only a fleeting glance at me.
We gave it a solid 8/10 so definitely recommend you give it more than a fleeting glance.
A fleeting glance and you will not find the difference in styling between the two.
Maybe it is a fleeting glance that she knows catches your eye or gentle brush as she passes by you.
This rare assemblage of local talents deserves more than a fleeting glance from aficionados, for a future master may indeed emerge from their ranks.

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