Qué significa "fleeting glimpse of" en español


"fleeting glimpse of" en español

fleeting glimpse of
  • vislumbre fugaz de
  • fugaz visión de

Ejemplos de uso para "fleeting glimpse of" en inglés

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All you need to do is have a baby, or have a sister who has a baby, or have seen a fleeting glimpse of a baby bawling in a park.
But this was a fleeting glimpse of what successful parenting feels like, for her chart seems to be nothing more than a work of art.
Don didn't mean true happiness, of course, because he has had only a fleeting glimpse of it over the course of his invented life and borrowed persona.
He left with barely a fleeting glimpse of his supreme talent.
Here's a fleeting glimpse of how ordinary people everywhere succeeded in bringing a touch of the extraordinary to this troubled world in the last seven days.
Here's another hoedown with added fiddles and a fleeting glimpse of marimba.
It's a fleeting glimpse of something great, mired in frustration and disappointment.
Most of the time though, such footage offers just a fleeting glimpse of passing wildlife going about their business.

Ejemplos de uso para "fleeting glimpse of" en español

Englishhe got a fleeting glimpse of her as she went in
Englishwe caught a fleeting glimpse of the sea

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