Qué significa "float gently" en español


"float gently" en español

float gently
  • flotar suavemente

Ejemplos de uso para "float gently" en inglés

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The gas burner barks loudly into the colourful silk abyss shattering the morning silence, and within moments we are floating gently off the ground.
Like packages of meat at the supermarket, their wrapped forms are inert yet promising, set off dramatically against a cloudless sky as a white sheet floats gently in the breeze.
Right up until the moment about 40 minutes later when large-ish, grey-ish blobs began floating gently towards the beach.
Suddenly, we've escaped the rapids and are floating gently downstream.
Highlight glazing on each end illuminates the space and allows the timber ceiling to float gently above the space.
Hop on to a tube under the border bridge, then float gently downstream for 4km.
This marvellous memoir is his poetic message, floating gently towards us.
An hour later, though, the two of us are in the air, floating gently at cloud level.
To fall free and accelerate at 11.2 km per second, then float gently down to earth, is the stuff of dreams.

Ejemplos de uso para "float gently" en español

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