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"flower garden" en español

flower garden
  • jardín de flores

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Few gardeners use small containers or pots to keep flower plants whereas few prefer to have a flower garden.
If not a vegetable garden, then a flower garden.
There are also inscriptions with details about donors of a flower garden, land, perpetual lamps and oil.
Time was when women wore hats and it was like looking out on a flower garden, a sea of flowers.
The parish council has suggested a wild flower garden.
We arrived after a sweaty tube journey to be greeted with sunshine and champagne in a well-tended wild flower garden.
I always enjoy watching them when they visit my flower garden at home.
Each classroom has a tree to look after and a flower garden to tend.
The festival also featured week-long novena masses, cultural shows, agricultural fairs, art, photo and flower garden exhibits, torch parades, fireworks, and carnivals.
Trim shrubs, old growth and dry leaves to have a clean and well maintained flower garden.

Ejemplos de uso para "flower garden" en español

Englishparticular Church is like a garden in flower, with a great variety of gifts and
eclesial: « La Iglesia particular es como un jardín florido, con

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