Qué significa "flower garlands" en español


"flower garlands" en español

flower garlands
  • guirnaldas de flores

Ejemplos de uso para "flower garlands" en inglés

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The local people revere this tree as a shelter for special spirits and offer flower garlands and pray for good fortune.
We put gudi on the door, flower garlands on the door, car, office and buy something new for ourselves.
They also make flower garlands to sell to drivers at traffic lights.
The street stalls on every corner have fresh jasmine buds and flower garlands.
Bonfires are lit and homes are decorated with flower garlands, greenery and tree branches.
The tradition of flower garlands and wreaths is longer than that of putting flowers in vases.
Go seed-planting with your children or watch them create flower garlands to participate in a summer solstice parade.
Then she sees the flower garlands lying on the table.
Mahesh and his family has sold flower garlands on same spot for the last 30 years.

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