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"flue gas" en español

flue gas
  • gases de combustión
  • Humo

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Flue gas desulfurization market is driven by stringent government regulations related with emissions of harmful gases emitted by various industrial processes in the environment.
It is the most inexpensive technology we know of to capture flue gas carbon dioxide.
The global flue gas analyzer market is expected to grow at significant rate over the forecast period from 2015 to 2025.
A barely perceptible contrail of flue gas extends from the refinery's stack in the distance all the way to this massive and artificial cloud.
Flue gas, the gas produced by coal combustion, is a mix of nitrogen, oxygen, oxides of sulphur, and water.
The process of waste heat generation is environmental friendly that will bring down the flue gas temperatures.
Power plants use large quantities of water for cooling, flue gas treatment, and other operations.
In an industrial setting, the carbonic anhydrase would convert carbon dioxide as flue gas passes through a solvent with carbonic anhydrase in a purification system.
Powdered limestone is then mixed with water and sprayed into the cleaned flue gas.

Ejemplos de uso para "flue gas" en español

EnglishA great deal of waste is incinerated these days, but not, in fact, by these expensive installations equipped with flue-gas cleaning devices.
Actualmente se incineran muchos residuos, pero, efectivamente, no en las caras instalaciones mencionadas que pueden proceder a la depuración de los gases de escape.
EnglishIt is compulsory to install flue-gas desulphurization systems and exhaust gas filters when constructing or modernizing steel works.
Está prescrita obligatoriamente la incorporación de instalaciones de desulfuración del gas de humo y de filtros para los gases de escape en la construcción o modernización de acerías.

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