Qué significa "follow the guideline" en español


"follow the guideline" en español

follow the guideline
  • seguir las directrices
  • seguir la directriz

Ejemplos de uso para "follow the guideline" en inglés

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If you're following the guidelines and our philosophy, this won't happen very often.
The case underscores a simmering dispute over widely followed guidelines on how to treat such extreme preemies, unable to survive without intensive medical care.
We will follow the guidelines as provided by the regulator, even though, there are alternatives available.
Rezaur said the chairman uses the bank's budget for corporate social activities at his own discretion, not by following the guidelines.
We like to keep a relaxed home from home atmosphere while following the guidelines of aistear and encouraging play as much as possible.
Banks follow guidelines for inconvenience or distress compensation.
Make sure you use the children's version of the medicine, however, and follow the guidelines for dosage.
He stressed that in the absence of meters, approved estimated billing methods must follow the guidelines provided by the commission.
While the rules prescribe that the dealers should carry out maintenance and ensure toilets are usable, few follow the guidelines.
While companies are bound by law to follow guidelines, fraudsters find their way through many security barricades.

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