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"food gardening" en español

food gardening
  • jardinería de alimentos

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The exhibition is accompanied by a program of workshops and talks focussing on food gardening and the use of garden produce in preserving and cooking.
Today, its focus is on food gardening and the environment.
They are perfect to teach children about food gardening and even if you don't grow them for the fruit basket, they also attract birds to the garden.
Clover trains them to become proficient in such essential skills as cooking, baking, sewing, crocheting, business management, food gardening and bread baking skills.
I might add that our general interest in food gardening is intensified by the engagement of young people in the planting and nurturing of food.
Tree and flower or food gardening watering, running sprinklers for recreational use are permitted without restriction.
She blogs about urban food gardening at http: //abundantcity.net.
If you do food gardening, you may wonder whether the heat, humidity, water bills and mosquitoes don't make summer-food gardening a fool's enterprise?
This category is growing in popularity almost as quickly as food gardening.
They spent about $3.5 billion on food gardening last year.

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