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"force of gravity" en español

force of gravity
  • fuerza de gravedad

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A mysterious form of energy pushes galaxies away from each other at increasing speeds -- fighting the force of gravity.
A tsunami is the force of gravity, something to do with matter, what the world is.
An attractive and competitive economic environment exerts a pulling force to capital more powerful than the force of gravity.
But the biggest problem is the force of gravity, which repeatedly pulls the piano back down to the bottom of the stairs.
For the first time dark matter may have been observed interacting with other dark matter in a way other than through the force of gravity.
I generally disregard people who behave like they are the force of gravity.
Our muscles are sculpted and defined by the force of gravity.
People are solid, heavy, burdened; they lean upon each other, the force of gravity (of life) weighing them down.
That's what happens when two fluids of different densities collide under the force of gravity.
The breaking acceleration for a merlot is about 40% of the force of gravity, the team concluded, or nearly 4 meters per second.

Ejemplos de uso para "force of gravity" en español

Englishthe force of gravity
EnglishMr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, Fidel Castro said that opposing globalisation is akin to questioning the force of gravity - both are futile.
Señor Presidente, señor Comisario, Señorías, según Fidel Castro, estar en contra de la globalización es tan inútil como dudar de la fuerza de gravedad.

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