Qué significa "forces of globalization" en español


"forces of globalization" en español

forces of globalization
  • fuerzas de la globalización

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And it must work for those who have too often felt left behind by the forces of globalization.
It boils down to a contention that agriculture, particularly the move toward sustainable practices, is relatively immune from the forces of globalization.
Many believe that governments have let them down and have not effectively responded to the forces of globalization.
The forces of globalization -- from food trade and rapid urbanization to international migration and climate change -- are also shaping health and producing illness on a grand scale.
Are the forces of globalization and robotization inevitably going to raise the incomes of the few and depress the incomes of the many?
How we respond to the forces of globalization and technological change will determine the durability of an international order that ensures security and prosperity for future generations.
Today, however, the forces of globalization and democratization have elevated a different set of challenges and opportunities -- and, by design, a different set of skills.
The forces of globalization have changed the rules of the game.
The forces of globalization have made the global economic system more vulnerable to production losses caused by climate change, new study shows.
Some favor supporting domestic industries at all cost, arguing the forces of globalization favour the global elites and marginalise the newcomers.

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