Qué significa "form of gambling" en español


"form of gambling" en español

form of gambling
  • forma de juego

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Don't forget that participating in a lottery is a form of gambling.
In the 1940s, pinball machines were made illegal because they were considered a form of gambling.
Industry officials deny their daily fantasy sports games are a form of gambling.
On the surface, we considered it a form of gambling.
The catch with sports betting is not that it is a form of gambling.
They said major movie companies don't want and won't use this hedge, which they consider nothing but a form of gambling.
Playing the lottery is the country's most popular form of gambling, contributing some $8 billion in annual revenues to the five regional lottery associations.
The survey found that among both men and women, buying lottery tickets were the most popular form of gambling, followed by scratch cards.
The rate of gaming duty depends on the form of gambling.
Three months later, the commission voted to repeal rules allowing the new form of gambling.

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