Qué significa "fossil fuel generators" en español


"fossil fuel generators" en español

fossil fuel generators
  • generadores de combustibles fósiles

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Fossil fuel generators, on the other hand, have limited options for optimizing cost structure.
Nahan also oversaw the implementation of a massive capacity payment to fossil fuel generators -- another word for a coal subsidy.
The huge bite out of day-prices is also a bite out of fossil fuel generators' earnings and profits.
This is far less likely to happen with multiple fossil fuel generators.
Fossil fuel generators shut down or reduce output to limit their losses, but nuclear power operators are more limited in what they can do.
But this does not mean fossil fuel generators spinning in the background.
All those big fossil fuel generators synchronise with the frequency on the power system and hum in tune with the system.
Once fossil fuel generators are removed completely from the transmission network, frequency stability and inertia problems will cease.
It will be customers paying for it and incumbent fossil fuel generators benefiting from it.
This reduces the efficiency of individual fossil fuel generators by up to 7%.

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