Qué significa "found a group" en español


"found a group" en español

found a group
  • encontró un grupo

Ejemplos de uso para "found a group" en inglés

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After police broke up the fight, they went outside and found a group of women fighting near the curb.
We followed the sound down a warren of narrow alleyways and found a group of women holding an open-air service outside their damaged church.
He followed the sound of voices to a tent where he found a group of girls.
It was only when he left home for the hospital that he found a group of people carrying his son's body.
Then he found a group of three more survivors; they were holding an elderly woman above water.
On her 10th day she found a group of lumberjacks who took her to civilisation.
She found a group of youngsters who were eager to learn what they could achieve.
He also found a group of dancers rehearsing in front of a building.
Researchers also found a group of bird species which were present in most of the world's cities.

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