Qué significa "foundation grants" en español


"foundation grants" en español

foundation grants
  • becas de fundación
  • becas de la fundación

Ejemplos de uso para "foundation grants" en inglés

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He conducted research on protein structure and protein folding, published extensively and received federal and foundation grants and scholarship awards.
The rest came from a combination of federal, state and foundation grants and fundraisers.
She and an army of supporters are lining up steady donors, foundation grants and fundraising concerts to take the paper into the future.
The homes are given free and clear to each veteran through the support of sponsors, professional tradespeople, foundation grants and community minded volunteers.
The foundation grants the most valued wishes of those children who are suffering from life-threatening diseases.
The foundation grants the wishes of seriously ill children.
The program is funded primarily through foundation grants and private donors.
The website is funded through foundation grants and staffed by professional journalists.
About $226,000 has come from government and foundation grants, and $392,000 from sponsorships and donations.
Funds currently are secured from a variety of public and private dollars -- to include some individual donors, corporations and foundation grants.

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grants sustantivo
foundation sustantivo
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