Qué significa "founding generation" en español


"founding generation" en español

founding generation
  • generación fundacional
  • generación fundadora

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Arguably the greatest mind of the founding generation, he was a printer, journalist, scientist, inventor, financial thinker, statesman, diplomat and musician -- among other things.
For conservatives, then, the enumeration of powers and the limits it implies should be understood as they were understood by the founding generation.
Franklin was more interested in democratic culture and its health than were many others in the founding generation.
It tells that story through the life of the unsung hero of the founding generation.
The left wants to fundamentally change the system of federalism so venerated and protected by the founding generation.
To members of the founding generation, the entire purpose of government was to advance the public good through a well-regulated society.
The founding generation was establishing a culture of robust political expression that included strong and sometimes vitriolic dissent against authority.
The founding generation was quite concerned about admitting the "wrong" people into the ranks of the new nation.
I hope you will take time to appreciate the sacrifices made by the founding generation and generations since to secure our liberty.

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