Qué significa "free goodies" en español


"free goodies" en español

free goodies
  • golosinas gratis
  • mercancías gratis

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Let them know you're new, and enjoy the free goodies.
Sans the free goodies, you will still have the chance to witness how products are made real-time.
Come back the second time and answer some simple questions on your experience of using these products and get more free goodies!
Now it's a mass of welfare case drug addicts who will elect anyone who promises more free goodies.
If you join their rewards programs, you can pick up tons of free goodies.
There will be spot prizes and lots of free goodies.
It's in our inborn nature to enjoy free goodies.
By doing so you have printed in the students mind, their parents, onlookers, fellow students at school, teachers, etc that they are poor and can only survive on free goodies.
Also, we could lie in our campaign ads and say we are going to give every one free goodies.

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