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"friendly gesture" en español

friendly gesture
  • gesto amistoso

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A smile, a word of thanks, a good deed, a friendly gesture -- there is no cost to these things, and yet the benefits are priceless.
But motive - for example to say it was a friendly gesture - is not necessarily a defence.
Congress again has not fielded any candidate from the constituency as a friendly gesture.
Especially if the person coming towards you has already extended a friendly gesture.
Even though this may be intended as a friendly gesture, it has to be understood that everyone responds to things differently.
In these moments, fingering is more than a friendly gesture.
It had been a friendly gesture, which they accepted.
It was a friendly gesture, one that a more polite, mature me would have found difficult to turn down.
One of the ways crested macaques manage their social relationships is through a friendly gesture, the lipsmack.

Ejemplos de uso para "friendly gesture" en español

EnglishI do not think this was a friendly gesture, and neither does it show that he respects and understands the significance of contacts with the European Union.
No me parece que este fuese un gesto amistoso y tampoco demuestra que se respete y comprenda la relevancia de los contactos con la Unión Europea.

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