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"friendly greeting" en español

friendly greeting
  • saludo amistoso

Ejemplos de uso para "friendly greeting" en inglés

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Back at the hotel after my various forays, there was always a friendly greeting.
Give a friendly greeting, smile and politely introduce yourself to the person.
Kerry delivers goodwill along with the post - a friendly greeting, a wave when you're driving past, a smile that's warm and real.
Looking back at things, the look on their faces suggested it was anything but a friendly greeting.
No longer people looking each other in the eye with a friendly greeting.
The neighbour saw me and hollered a friendly greeting.
A friendly greeting from a well-informed local or a code transmitted electronically that will open your hotel room door with no human interaction at check-in whatsoever?
A friendly greeting to both parent and child goes a long way and doesn't take much effort.
Find someone else who's lonely, then reach out to them with a friendly greeting and start a conversation.

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