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"friends gathered" en español

friends gathered
  • amigos reunidos

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Angry relatives and friends gathered at a memorial held for the victims two weeks later.
There were emotional scenes as family and friends gathered at the wake for the teenagers, who were aged 16 to 19.
Family and close friends gathered for the small, private ceremony to say goodbye to their beloved son, brother and friend.
Last night family and close friends gathered for a private wake.
They are more comfortable with the idea of the singular artist or groups of friends gathered together in bonhomie and shared views.
By 10 a.m. hundreds of family members and friends gathered there to say one last good bye.
Warsame gave a slight wave to family and friends gathered for his initial appearance.
Family and close friends gathered in the massive kitchen while the gymnasium filled for a celebration that was tinged for many with sadness nonetheless.
Recently, neighbors and friends gathered to help decorate signs and collection containers.
The real meal - family and friends gathered around a table - is on the verge of extinction.

Ejemplos de uso para "friends gathered" en español

Englishfriends gathered at the graveside

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