Qué significa "front grille" en español


"front grille" en español

front grille
  • rejilla delantera
  • parrilla delantera

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It has a custom body kit and signature spotlights in the front grille.
Like the front grille, horizontal louvres lend structure to the shape of the rear end.
There is also black trim on the front grille, fender vents and door-mirror caps.
On the white-and-grey version, the front grille is made of the lightweight, ultra-strong weave as well as the wheelarch extensions.
The front grille is a wide double lisp of chrome which sits on a dark grey plastic cladding, adding sophistication to the car.
Cooling coils completely caked with pet hair and dust are also incredibly common, so remove the front grille and vacuum the coils.
Look at the front grille and the badge mark on the rear.
Mazda's roadster now gets a more purposeful front grille and a set of angular of fog lights to boot.
The bonnet and the front grille of the vehicle were heavily damaged.
Gone is the three-barred chrome front grille from the outgoing model.

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