Qué significa "frozen ground" en español


"frozen ground" en español

frozen ground
  • tierra congelada
  • terreno congelado

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One area of uncertainty is how much water will infiltrate the frozen ground.
She dropped her groceries and moved as fast as she could across the frozen ground.
The college had its own farm and every year we had to spend hours digging potatoes out of the frozen ground.
The remains were most likely brought to the "graveyard" in winter and not hidden properly in the frozen ground.
We'd have to pump water from the well and pour it in buckets on the frozen ground.
About ten thousand people stood shivering on the frozen ground to watch the ceremony.
It would die soon, and they would burn a hole in the frozen ground to bury it.
He also filed down his leather-studs because the exposed nail heads gripped the frozen ground better.
I was the only guard, the only prisoner, the frozen ground and the barbed wire fence.

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