Qué significa "fuel generate" en español


"fuel generate" en español

fuel generate
  • generación de combustible
  • combustible generar

Ejemplos de uso para "fuel generate" en inglés

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From fossil fuel generated electricity to unreliable batteries, electric cars haven't always lived up to the hype.
How dare they let the public know renewable resources are not ready to replace all the fossil fuel generated electricity.
It's been working towards switching the town to 100 per cent grid-connected renewable energy since the town's residents identified they wanted out of fossil fuel generated electricity seven years ago.
The country aims to boost the mix of non-fossil fuel generated power to 20 percent by 2030 from 11 percent today.
The vast majority of larger companies also sell predominantly fossil fuel generated power.
Once functional, he can cook the vegetables he produces using fuel generated from their waste!
This is important as energy efficient vehicles will help reduce both greenhouse gas emissions and the nation's reliance on fossil fuel generated energy.
And the burning of fuel generates not only carbon dioxide, but also air pollutants that are harmful to human health.
As you can see, the average cost per watt of a solar panel is more expensive that of fuel generating sets.
Deep geological disposal is essential given used nuclear fuel generates heat and is highly radioactive and hazardous.

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