Qué significa "full gamut of" en español


"full gamut of" en español

full gamut of
  • gama completa de

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Argyll is an agile warship with a breadth of capability -- able to conduct the full gamut of operations from humanitarian assistance to high-end war fighting.
Contesting the undergraduate position is a pool of candidates, which seem to span the full gamut of campus groups.
Good manners preclude a repetition of the full gamut of the tirade.
However, most clients do not know the full gamut of what their providers can do for them.
I counted over 100 corners that explore the full gamut of any armchair rally navigator's pace notes.
I encourage our marketers to look past the simplistic negative comparison of apple vs orange and commence celebrating the full gamut of the fruit bowl.
I know the full gamut of emotions, good and bad.
If we are to advance knowledge, it's essential to have access to the full gamut of content online.
If you give them only one gift shop, you can show them the full gamut of products.
It also includes the full gamut of specialties, even primary care.

Ejemplos de uso para "full gamut of" en español

EnglishMeaning “the continent,” Al-Qarra is headquartered in Paris, France and covers the full gamut of political, economic and cultural life in Northern Africa.
Al-Qarra, cuyo significado es “el continente”, tiene su sede principal en París (Francia) y cubre toda la gama de la vida política, económica y cultural en el norte de África.

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