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"furtive glances" en español

furtive glances
  • miradas furtivas

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As the door shut behind her, the whispers, furtive glances and conversations started.
Furtive glances and quiet words outside do not an institutional response make.
Sure you can throw furtive glances, but seldom stare too strongly to give an impression you are trying to recognise them. 3.
Much of the outdoor art is reminiscent of classical sculpture, clean, idealized figures in tableaus of heterosexual intimacy that invite open, appreciative stares rather than furtive glances.
I watched it walking the streets around my house, exchanging furtive glances and sad smiles of recognition.
Everyone flings furtive glances around the building, appraising each other, like curious gardeners eyeing up other neighbourhood flower beds.
I spot the tense face of a bus driver on almost desolate streets, the furtive glances of the streets cleaners, and the anxious glares of the first policemen on patrol.
There's a lot of furtive glances, missed opportunities, and sweaty palms.
Furtive glances told me that excursions to the smoke shops were not altogether above-board.

Ejemplos de uso para "furtive glances" en español

Englishthey exchanged furtive glances

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