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"future gains" en español

future gains
  • ganancias futuras

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Tastes in cinema are a good metric of a country's determination, stamina, and willingness to make sacrifices for future gains.
The question investors should ask is which company now offers the best value for future gains?
They have strong impulse control, an ability to forgo pleasure for future gains.
Changes in expectations can lift activity, but heady expectations of future gains can be dangerous.
Sacrifice future gains to protect what you already have.
The mild gain in the first quarter is not a threat but future gains of a larger magnitude will be indicative of inflationary pressures.
An uneven global recovery, where worries remain about a possible return to recession in rich nations, could limit future gains.
Hoard the capital loss to offset against future gains.
All talk about the "future gains" is useless to us approaching our life's last quarter...

Ejemplos de uso para "future gains" en español

EnglishThe fact that the public accepts such rates and does not just abandon all financial activities in a panic can be explained by overambitious expectations over future gains.
El que el público acepte estos valores y no abandone, presa del pánico, la actividad financiera, se puede explicar por sus expectativas demasiado optimistas sobre los futuros beneficios.

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