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"future grandchildren" en español

future grandchildren
  • futuros nietos

Ejemplos de uso para "future grandchildren" en inglés

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He knows it will continue to be there for his family, his two daughters and future grandchildren.
Is it important to live near their children and future grandchildren?
It's every bride's dream to have wedding photos that they can show off to their friends and future grandchildren.
As parents of two young children, the couple wanted a cottage that was big enough to grow with them for years to come and function for their future grandchildren.
They were investing in me and their future grandchildren.
Those parents not only want their daughters to undergo circumcision but also their future grandchildren.
To be active enough to play with my future grandchildren.
She went on to say that the series had evolved from something she "couldn't wait to show her future grandchildren" to something she hoped her future grandchildren would never see.
Still, she plans to keep it around, along with a manual typewriter, to show her future grandchildren.

Ejemplos de uso para "future grandchildren" en español

EnglishWe must be clear that this dishonesty jeopardises the future of our grandchildren.
Debemos dejar claro que la deshonestidad pone en peligro el futuro de nuestros nietos.
EnglishMortgaging our children's and grandchildren's future would be a crime.
Hipotecar el futuro de nuestros hijos y nietos sería un crimen.

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