Qué significa "future greatness" en español


"future greatness" en español

future greatness
  • grandeza futura
  • la grandeza futura

Ejemplos de uso para "future greatness" en inglés

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He once again showed why so many have earmarked him for future greatness.
But though you may feel you are encouraging them to future greatness, new research shows that in fact you could be setting them up for failure.
For politicians and political strategist admirers, that list has served as both a record to be admired and a roadmap to future greatness -- goals set, goals accomplished.
Some are prophetic of future greatness, others more retrospective.
Sonically, everything on this two-disc collection is crisp and loud and also packed full of intimations of future greatness.
Its founders share an unwavering belief in the state's present and future greatness.
In this first episode we even witness a significant omen of his future greatness.

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