Qué significa "gable end" en español


"gable end" en español

gable end
  • extremo hastial
  • extremo a dos gable

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It would be looking at the gable end of houses.
Some lads learned their hurling skills against the gable end of outhouses, or on the road with other lads.
The gable end of my property faces on to my neighbour's driveway, with the outer surface of the wall forming the boundary.
The gable end of the property has partially collapsed.
The demolition could take the gable end of our building down.
There was a time that handball was played in every parish and so many people played the game in school and against the gable end of houses.
I would just attach some masonry to the gable end and inhibit their run up.
And ye shall know it by the gable end graffiti...
To maintain the stability of the structure, it will be necessary to repair the floor structure and repair/rebuild the side elevation, including the end posts of the gable end.

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