Qué significa "gadget play" en español


"gadget play" en español

gadget play
  • juego de gadgets
  • juego gadget

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Laptops and other gadgets play only a supporting role to the smartphone for many travelers.
Still, the lure of trying new nuances, working in some new plays to the age-old playbook, maybe the odd gadget play, is tough to refuse.
How big a part do your gadgets play in your creative process?
He can catch out of the backfield, has the speed to get around the edge and is a threat for gadget plays like reverses.
Playoff football is a different animal, and a late-day gadget play could turn the game on it's head.
You can not stop people from using air-conditioners to deal with the heat, even though these gadgets play a role in warming up the atmosphere.
Petty completed a 52-yard pass early in the game and threw his first career touchdown pass on a terrific gadget play that will make all the highlight shows.
For most of us, laptops and other gadgets play mere supporting roles compared to our extra limb, our one and only -- the smartphone.
Admittedly, gadget play can teach children so many things, like colors and the alphabet.
One less down and a longer and wider field make for more daring plays, more gadget plays and more razzle-dazzle.

Ejemplos de uso para "gadget play" en español

EnglishFor example, you might be able to use a gadget to play songs from your music playlists on your computer with your SideShow-compatible mobile phone.
Por ejemplo, tal vez pueda usar un gadget para reproducir canciones de las listas de reproducción de música que están en el equipo con un teléfono móvil compatible con SideShow.

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