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"gaelic football" en español

gaelic football
  • fútbol gaélico

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I've attended all kinds of games over the years; soccer, hurling, basketball, gaelic football.
Gaelic football, which had been the top of our ladder for so long, was down at the bottom rung.
Gaelic football is very free flowing so that will be different.
Gaelic football and hurling are, like kabaddi, immensely impressive on home turf but globally unknown.
Gaelic football and hurling exist under a single umbrella, but the games are poles apart.
League finishes this weekend and therefore it's fitting to look at which teams are the top five gaelic football teams in the country.
From there, stemmed an unlikely venture to gaelic football.
Some of the biggest gaelic football and hurling matches in recent times have gone right down to the wire.
Gaelic football will get left behind because at the minute there are too many demands.

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