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"gag gift" en español

gag gift
  • regalo mordaza
  • regalo de mordaza

Ejemplos de uso para "gag gift" en inglés

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A gag gift, that's how it started off, but you know what?
Attempts to contact the company were unsuccessful, however, the product appears to be more of a gag gift.
Even as a gag gift, you will be forever branded as the worst person in the world -- well, in my eyes at least.
It's not like our herpes toy which is often a gag gift... a guy wants to give his girlfriend herpes.
No longer regarded as a gag gift, adult coloring books have slowly been gaining in popularity.
The customer agrees this is a gag gift, novelty service for entertainment only, and that is their only intention.
There were more than 500 comments on the photo as well, but unanimously no one actually believed the book to be of any utility outside of being a gag gift.

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