Qué significa "gaggle of girls" en español


"gaggle of girls" en español

gaggle of girls
  • bandada de las niñas
  • gaggle de las niñas

Ejemplos de uso para "gaggle of girls" en inglés

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A gaggle of girls (and one fellow) filled a small room at the entrance of the casino.
The curtain opens on a gaggle of girls; they innocently present a sense of camaraderie amidst a setting of a sleepover.
We once had a man who didn't use his looks and cheesy pick-up lines to garner a gaggle of girls.
You are taken out of the gaggle of girls you spend every day with.
No doubt he will accidentally bump into a gaggle of girls when he does so.
Among a gaggle of girls there was always one who stood out from the crowd.
A gaggle of girls in glittery eye shadow practise near the front mirror, swinging their arms like wind turbines.
Murugan (he goes only by one name), wearing a checkered lungi, loose shirt and luminous smile, greets the gaggle of girls walking tiredly towards their cars after a practice session.
I watched in awe as he lounged on a picnic table, a gaggle of girls laughing around him, fondling his chest.

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