Qué significa "gain a skill" en español


"gain a skill" en español

gain a skill
  • adquirir una habilidad
  • ganar una habilidad

Ejemplos de uso para "gain a skill" en inglés

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During residency, we complete training in a variety of clinical placements to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to work independently.
If offers free opportunities to gain the skills and experiences employers need.
These experiences helped him to gain the skills and knowledge to set up and successfully run his own outsourced sales and marketing agency.
I play in mixed doubles to gain skill and to learn strategy as a net player.
In a quest to find his path, he resolved to gain skill and knowledge.
It needs prisoners to be challenged, to confront their offending behaviours, to gain skills that will help them.
Or, they could push for retraining to gain skills that are in demand in the modern economy.
Education can have a huge effect in really helping them to gain the skills they need and prepare them to be employed.
This bill will allow them to continue to assist their clients for longer to gain the skills they need to succeed.
A growing number now come to university to gain skills and credentials, not enlightenment, they add.

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