Qué significa "gain a yard" en español


"gain a yard" en español

gain a yard
  • ganar un yarda
  • ganar un patio

Ejemplos de uso para "gain a yard" en inglés

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So the oddsmakers are expecting another tight one, and offences might have trouble gaining yards.
The 6-1, 230-pound back has a very physical running style and can consistently gain yards by bulldozing over defenders.
They're not gaining yards, they're not scoring points (haven't topped 28 in a game this season) and they're not playing well, no matter the level of competition.
Reilly also has the ability to gain yards with his feet: in the last five seasons, he's combined for 1,805 rushing yards.
When you're in second down, you don't care how you gain yards; you just want someone who has the skills to do it.
But we didn't gain a yard, nothing in three snaps.
Even the hard work they put into gaining yards were hopelessas they were not able to add the finishing touches to put the big points on the board.
They show great patience, gaining yards slowly but surely.
The play was a run up the middle that gained a yard.

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