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"gain compared" en español

gain compared
  • ganancia comparada

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Earnings in the wealth management group came in at $210 million, an 11% gain compared with the third quarter last year.
It now leads gold for the year with a 29% gain compared with bullion's 26%.
The gain compared to the previous best is 20%, which isn't bad at all considering its compact size.
Net profit fell to $45.5 million from about $59 million in the previous year, when it had a $45 million revaluation gain compared with $13 million in the latest half.
Aerobic exercise by itself was associated with less weight gain compared with weight training.
Children who consume milk regularly show a 10% higher monthly height gain compared with children without access.
These children with late weight gain problems only had enhanced weight gain compared to the controls in the period between seven and 10 years.
It may seem like an impressive gain compared to the 1896 cohort, but other countries also gained, some of them literally reaching for the sky.

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